NDA Podcast Series: Demolition NOW

NDA Podcast Series: Demolition NOW

Demolition NOW from the National Demolition Association (NDA) provides concise analysis of the government affairs issues impacting the industry, along with engaging interviews of industry leaders, experts and analysts that will provide unique perspectives on the demolition industry today. The podcast digs into the policy issues affecting the demolition industry including OSHA regulations, business and economics, labor policy, political developments and several others.

The podcast examines the big issues driving the demolition industry in an environment of constantly changing business conditions, political developments and consumer preferences.Join host Kevin McKenney as he dissects the issues that matter most to your company and the future of the industry. 

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Episode 15 (August 21, 2020): Episode 15: Demolition Safety Best Practices for COVID-19 featuring Chris Godek & Kyle Maddox

NDA Membership & Operations Associate, Eric DeVos, interviews NDA President, Chris Godek, and NDA Safety Committee Chair, Kyle Maddox, regarding demolition industry best-practices and work safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also share some insight into how their own companies are operating in order to meet local safety guidelines, and what they are doing to keeping their employees healthy. Later NDA Director of Government Affairs, Kevin McKenney, gives a regulatory and legislative update.

Episode 14 (June 6, 2020): Episode 14: PHMSA Administrator “Skip” Elliott & NDA President Chris Godek Industry Outlook

NDA Executive Director, Jeff Lambert, interviews Administrator “Skip” Elliott of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regarding hazardous material transportation in the demolition industry. Then, you'll hear an interview featuring NDA President Chris Godek exploring the demolition and recycling industry’s impacts and outlook emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. Finally, Kevin McKenney, NDA Director of Government Affairs, gives an update on NDA’s legislative and regulatory progress.

Episode 13 (April 28, 2020): COVID-19 Demolition Industry Survey & Minimizing Business Risk During Uncertain Times

NDA Executive Director, Jeff Lambert, speaks to Adam Redling, Editor of Construction & Demolition Recycling, about the results of recent surveys conducted by NDA and Construction & Demolition Recycling. The purpose of these surveys were to help quantify the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the demolition industry. Next, Jeff speaks with Stefan Moss, who leads the National Demolition and Heavy Construction Practice at Gallagher. They discuss steps that NDA members can take to minimize business risk and changes in the insurance industry as a result of COVID-19. Finally, Kevin McKenney, NDA Director of Government Affairs, has a conversation with NDA Treasurer, Ben Hayden of Hayden Wrecking.

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Episode 12 (March 30, 2020): COVID-19 Update and Resources & Savings4Members

On this episode, NDA Executive Director, Jeff Lambert, speaks with NDA president Chris Godek about the ongoing pandemic and Thomas Trapnell of McAlpine PC about legal resources members should consider if operations are effected by COVID-19. NDA Director Government Affairs, Kevin McKenney, talks with Veronica Pratt, Savings4Members how members who use their services save thousands of dollars a year. Finally, Kevin gives a Government Affairs update on agency resources available to assist members.

Episode 11 (February 6, 2020): DOL’s Joint Employer Rule & NDA’s 2019 Advocacy Year-in-Review

NDA’s Director of Government Affairs, Kevin McKenney, explains the final rule set in place by the Department of Labor, set to go into effect on March 16, 2020. Later, Kevin reviews NDA advocacy wins from 2019.

Episode 10 (November 18, 2019): Ohio EPA Programs & Demolition Austin

On this episode of Demolition NOW, NDA Director of Government Affairs, Kevin McKenney, speaks to Ohio EPA’s  Dan Sowry about the Ohio Materials Market Place and the Ohio Grant Program. Then, NDA Executive Director, Jeff Lambert, discusses the exciting opportunities that will be available at Demolition Austin in February with NDA Convention Committee Chair, Tim Ramon.

Episode 09 (October 7, 2019): Demolition in Community Development & Gayanga Co.’s Brian McKinney

On this episode, NDA’s Executive Director Jeff Lambert speaks with Christina Kelly, Director of Planning and Neighborhood Revitalization at the Genesee County Land Bank Authority, about the role of demolition in federally funded community development. Later NDA’s Kevin McKenney will speak with Brian McKinney of Gayanga Co. about his Detroit based company and their role in the community, NDA education courses, and the future of workforce development in the industry.

Episode 08 (August 22, 2019): FMCSA’s New Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse & World Demolition Summit

On this episode, NDA’s Director of Government Affairs, Kevin McKenney, speaks with Ray Martinez, Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and his staff about the new drug and alcohol clearinghouse and what employers need to know.  Later, Kevin will speak with Jim Graham of Winter Environmental about the upcoming World Demolition Summit and update you on the latest legislative and regulatory developments.

Episode 07 (July 24, 2019): OSHA’s Safe + Sound Campaign & Women in Demolition

On this episode of Demolition Now, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney speaks with Andy Levinson, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Standards and Guidance at OSHA on the Safe + Sound Campaign, which NDA is part of.  Later, Kevin speaks with Robin Thorne, CEO of CTI Environmental and the Founder of  They discuss her efforts to increase engagement and participation for women in construction and demolition so you won’t want to miss this episode.

Episode 06 (June 28, 2019): NDA Talks with President Chris Godek and White House Staff

On this episode, NDA’s Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney speaks with NDA President Chris Godek about his term as president and what he’s working to accomplish.  Kevin will also speak with Scott Turner, the Executive Director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, and officials from HUD and SBA on Opportunity Zones and what the Administration is doing for these areas, along with the role of demolition in these efforts.  Later, Kevin provides an update on the federal regulations NDA has weighed in on and what is coming in the next few months.

Episode 05 (May 24, 2019): Land Revitalization with EPA and Washington Fly-In Successes

In this episode, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney speaks with Jon Grosshans with EPA Region 5 to discuss land revitalization efforts, including how EPA works at the local level and how demolition plays a role.  Later, Kevin speaks with Dennis McGarel of Brandenburg and Jeff Lambert of NDA about the recent Washington Fly-In.  They discuss their meetings with OSHA and EPA, along with the action items and opportunities of the industry in 2019.  Finally, Kevin will provide an update on the important legislative and regulatory issues facing the industry.

Episode 04 (Febraury 22, 2019): Demolition Rockies & Industry Update

The latest episode of Demolition Now is available to listen on the NDA website, along with all major podcast platforms.  In this episode, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney talks with Greg Menen about Demolition Rockies, March 22-25 in Denver, CO.  Tune in to learn about all the exciting educational and networking opportunities coming up in Denver, along with all the ways to have fun.  Later, Kevin provides an overview of the latest issues affecting the industry.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss anything.  

Episode 03 (January 22, 2019): OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule & Government Shutdown

In the latest episode, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney speaks with David O’Connor, MPH from the Directorate of Standards and Guidance at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on the crystalline silica rule.  They discuss the rule’s background, key details, and ways to keep contractors compliant.  In addition, Kevin dives into the ongoing federal government shutdown, including how it materialized, the important players, and how a solution can move forward for all parties.

Episode 02 (December 11, 2018): Midterm Elections & World Demolition Summit

In this Episode, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney will speak with Spencer Chretien of Citizens Against Government Waste about the recent midterm elections and explore Congress’s plans for 2019. In addition, this episode will provide updates on important OSHA regulations, along with an interview with Jeff Lambert about the World Demolition Summit in Dublin.

Episode 01 (October 24, 2018): Welcome to Demolition NOW…

In this episode, NDA Director of Government Affairs Kevin McKenney will discuss the implications of recent tax reform with Jonathan Williams, Chief Economist at the American Legislative Exchange Council and preview the World Demolition Summit with Walt Reeves of Volvo Construction Equipment. In addition, this episode will update you on the status of the crystalline silica rule, OSHA record-keeping requirements, and the political climate in Washington.


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