Community Development



The Demolition Industry plays a major role in helping communities to reimagine, rebuild, and reinhabit the spaces all around them.   

Urban Revitalization

Working alongside preservationists, city officials and community organizers, the Demolition Industry helps to rebuild and revitalize entire neighborhoods. We clear burned-out buildings that have sat vacant for years and make space for parks and public spaces. We take down condemned buildings and safety hazards so that new communities can rise up in their place.

Historic Renovation

Demolition experts can often salvage the structural integrity of historic buildings have been damaged by fire or decay. We safely prepare historic sites for renovation, saving business owners time and costs that complete reconstruction would require. With our help, dilapidated buildings can be restored to their intended beauty and become inhabited and enjoyed by the community again.

Demolition Action Plans

As a service to communities, the National Demolition Association provides training, white papers and best practices that help cities and states restore and rebuild. With our guidance, governments can create safe and environmentally friendly demolition action plans that enable them to reimagine their communities.