Jeff Lambert
Executive Director
202.367.1152 Ext.3

Natalie DeHart
Membership and Operations Director
202.367.1152 Ext.2

Cameron Wheeler
Membership and Operations Associate
202.367.1152 Ext. 1

Kevin McKenney
Director of Government Affairs
202.367.1152. Ext.4

Lindsey Sullivan
Education Manager
202.367.1152. Ext.8

Linda Benck
Event Director

Kenny Brodbeck
Event Manager

Brooke Beissel
Exhibits Manager

Jenn Welby
Exhibits Coordinator
202.367.1152. Ext.5

Maggie Madrigal
Registration Manager
202.367.1152. Ext.7

Ryan Leach
Sales & Sponsorships Manager
202.367.1152 Ext.6

Taylor Collison
Marketing and Communications Manager

Alexa Schlosser
Demolition Magazine Editor

For media inquiries please reach out to Taylor Collison, Marketing and Communications Manager at