Making Way

The demolition industry is making way for a better world, helping communities re-invent and re-imagine their future and the National Demolition Association is here to provide support. The NDA offers its members information on the latest advances and training in safety and regulatory matters. We inform regulators about industry issues and increase public awareness of the economic and societal benefits of demolition. It is our mission to provide our members all the tools they need to be thoughtful leaders and passionate advocates for the demolition industry.

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How Demolition Benefits You

Environmental Stewardship

Recycling materials for reuse preserves the environment and makes economic sense. Safely removing toxic hazards protects the public and the environment.

Community Development

Demolition removes dilapidated structures and creates greenspace making our cities safer and more livable. By renovating and restoring historical buildings, demolition firms make them beautiful and useful again and build pride in community.

Disaster Response

When disasters occur, the Demolition Industry saves lives and strengthens the efforts of first responsders. Disaster response is fundamental part of demolition that plays a key part in clean up, reconstruction, providing hope and a better future for citizens.

For more background on the industry, please visit our About page and view the Introduction to Demolition video.