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Scrap and recycling companies play a vital role in transforming demolition waste into valuable resources. The National Demolition Association (NDA) is your partner in achieving success in this competitive landscape.

Learn more about how our network can help you elevate your business and why joining NDA is the right move for you and your team.

Why NDA?

For scrap and recycling companies that want to minimize unusable waste, reduce costs for scrap and recycling management, and increase revenue, NDA is the leading professional community that provides education, training, resources, and networking so they can employ sustainable construction practices, mitigate costs for transportation, sorting, staffing, and cleaning, and identify opportunities for new projects. Access a new pool of customers, build relationships in the industry, and grow your network.

Our Resources

Whether you are looking for ways to identify opportunities for new projects or address high costs for transportation, sorting and more, NDA boasts an array of resources that help you and your company stay competitive.

Business Need

What NDA Provides

Minimize unusable waste
  • Embrace Sustainability: Utilize EPA best practices and resources to implement sustainable demolition practices, maximizing resource recovery and minimizing unusable waste.
  • Optimize Project Waste Management: Enroll in the Foundations of Demolition Job Cost Tracking course to create systems and controls for efficient waste management and optimize recycling efforts.
Reduce scrap and recycling management costs
  • Master Estimating Techniques: The Foundations of Demolition Estimating Course equips you with proven techniques to accurately estimate recycling management costs for diverse projects, reducing expenses and increasing profitability.
  • Boost Operational Efficiency: Leverage the NDA Library's collection of demolition business templates and forms to streamline workflow and optimize your operations.
  • Refine Cost Tracking: Gain expertise in estimating and job cost tracking to identify and eliminate inefficiencies and maximize cost savings.
  • Protect Employees: NDA's Newly revamped Starting Out Right Training Video equips your new hires with the right safety knowledge is crucial to helping prevent workplace accidents and costly injuries. The majority of worksite injuries occur to employees within the first four months on the job, making it essential to prioritize their safety from the very beginning.
Increase Revenue
  • Expand Your Reach: Utilize the NDA Member Directory to connect with general contractors, building owners, and potential clients seeking responsible scrap and recycling services in your area.
  • Tap Into New Markets: Seize opportunities to expand your services and venture into new markets by collaborating with industry leaders through the NDA network.
Identify new project opportunities
  • Network with Industry Leaders: Interact with over 1,000 industry experts at the NDA Annual Convention & Expo, allowing you to forge valuable connections and discover new project opportunities.
  • Diversify Your Services: Learn from experts in different demolition segments to explore new areas of business and expand your project portfolio.
  • Utilize the NDA Directory: Leverage the directory to connect with potential partners and clients seeking exceptional scrap and recycling services across various markets.
Mitigate operational costs
  • Optimize Equipment Maintenance: Send your teams to participate in the Hands-on Equipment Maintenance Course to gain first-hand experience managing and maintaining your equipment, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs associated with repairs, transports, and staffing.


Tap into our growing network today by becoming a member. By joining the NDA, you gain immediate access to a comprehensive arsenal of resources, training programs, networking opportunities, and practical tools designed to optimize your scrap and recycling operations. We are committed to helping your company minimize waste, reduce costs, increase revenue, embrace sustainable practices, and expand your services in the ever-evolving demolition landscape.

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