Course Facilitators

Meet Our Course Facilitators

Greg Menen, National Director, Ferma Corporation

Greg Menen is currently the National Director for Ferma Corporation out of Newark, Calirofnia for demolition, environmental, and construction services while also supporting large engineering firms for demolition and scrap related means, methods, and activities. He has been in the construction industry for 30 years and specifically in demolition remediation for 25 of those years. Greg has served as a V.P, Director, Chief Estimator, Project Manager, and Branch Manager. He's been involved in the demolition of all aspects of projects from residential, commercial, industrial, and nuclear operations. His experience includes working with both private clients as well as Fortune 500 corporations, engineering firms, and multiple government branches.

Greg has developed his skills in the area of safety and has served as Corporate Safety Officer for multiple firms during his career. He's an instructor in multiple fields including HazWoper, OSHA 500, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Lead and Excavations. He has completed multiple accident investigations and has negotiated with OSHA regarding fines and citations. Greg is a Registered Environmental Assessor (REA) for the state of California and holds a General Contracting License and a Demolition Specialty License in the state as well.

Greg graduated from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona with a BS Degree in Construction Engineering and Management. He has been President of the local Southern California Chapter of the National Demolition Association and is currently serving a second term as an NDA Board Member. Greg has written a number of articles for NDA's Demolition Magazine and has recently authored an article in Natural Gas and Electricity titled "How to Maximize Your Scrap Material for a DDD Project". He's spoken at several events including the Mining Association, NDA's Annual Convention, EUEC and the EUCI Summits and has served as a facilitator for several classes of the NDA Foundation of Demolition Management Certificate Program. 

Tim Barker, Principal, Resolute Decommissioning and Demolition Consulting 

Tim Barker was the Program Director of Decommissioning and Demolition (D&D) Services for one of the largest design, engineering and construction companies in the world for more than a dozen years, before becoming a partner at Resolute D&D where he currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. At Resolute D&D, Tim continues to serve his largest private and public clients in the US and around the world. More importantly is that Tim has maintained a perfect D&D contractor management safety record for well over the last decade, just as Resolute has over the last decade. The Resolute focus on safety overall and unprecedented success in the highest hazard areas of power plant decommission and sole focus on D&D, made Resolute a perfect fit for Tim and his final career move.  

Tim developed most of his skills with practical field experience staring as an Assistant Foreman for a Demolition company, otherwise referred to as Lead Laborer as he worked his way through school as a business major. He then worked as an Asbestos Abatement Lead and HazWoper Technician.  Over the years, he quickly moved into the roles of Superintendent, Senior Project Manager, Senior Estimator, and Operations Manager/VP for several of the largest and most reputable demolition and remediation companies in the world. As a business owner, he held several General Contracting licenses and focused exclusively on the most physically, technically and environmentally challenging D&D projects and programs. 

This led Tim to his current position over the last decade as an owner’s representative. As he puts it, “How do you help owners to manage high risk D&D projects and programs, if you really don’t know what the hazards are”?  Tim unprecedented success in this area and approach, speaks for itself. His extensive leadership skills and experience has allowed him to be involved in billion-dollar nuclear D&D programs as a D&D contractor and then as an owners engineer on team leadership roles on billion-dollar non-nuclear D&D programs helping owners to clean up and remove hundreds of former chemical, power plants and other commercial and industrial facilities. Tim exclusively uses NDA members that are actively involved in the US and writes this into the source selection process for his clients due the great value the NDA has been to him in his personal growth and success over the last thirty years.

Steve Schwartz, Estimator & Project Manager, Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc.

Steve Schwartz has 40-plus years of experience within the demolition and remediation industries. He has come up through the field as a clerk, superintendent, project manager, and transitioned to the office as an estimator and manager. He has managed and estimated projects including retrofitting automotive plants; demolishing chemical, explosive, nuclear reactors, refineries, and hi-rise buildings; standard demolition; and environmental projects. Steve also currently serves as the National Demolition Association Education Committee Chairman and as a member of the Board of Directors. 



David Sinclair, SafeDEM USA

Mr. Sinclair has over 45 years of experience in the D&D sector. As Program Manager he oversaw the decommissioning, dismantling and demolition of seven major power plants along with many other major industrial plants, and demolition by explosives engineering techniques and the abatement and disposal of hazardous materials. He developed and manufactured ‘Proptec’, a temporary works support system for maintenance during careful piecemeal demolition operations, facades of buildings of historic and architectural interest.

He was appointed by the United Nations Office of Project Services in 2011 to assist with the development of the master plan for the demolition and recycling of debris arising from the demolition of thousands of severely damaged buildings in Haiti following the devastating earthquake in January 2010.

Mr. Sinclair consults in the development of demolition and decommissioning execution plans including preparation of project Health and Safety Plan, means and method statements, risk assessments, scheduling and project costing for the demolition of major buildings, structures and industrial facilities.


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