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Keynote Speaker

opening keynote
Sunday, March 24 | 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Charlie Morecraft: "Remember Charlie"

Charlie Morecraft is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story that Saves Lives!
Most people have the same attitude about safety that Charlie Morecraft had for a decade and a half while working as an employee of Exxon Corporation. Having been critically injured in an explosion that burned over 45 percent of his body, Charlie Morecraft conveys, in the most penetrating way, the lesson he so painfully learned.  Seldom, are people confronted by the real consequences of an abuse in safety practices.  Once you hear Charlie’s story, you will be deeply moved and motivated to never again take safety for granted. 
Charlie’s story is a wake-up call that shakes you out of complacency and taking responsibilities for granted. Leave this presentation inspired to handle all aspects of your life with greater awareness and appreciation of safety, whether on the job, at home, or at play.