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NDA is proud to present eleven scholarships to up-and-coming demolition professionals. These scholarship opportunities are awarded to an immediate family member of an owner or employee of a Regular Member company of NDA to provide support in the advancement of their career through continuing education opportunities. 

We are currently still accepting applications for the American Wrecking Scholarship and the Southern California Chapter Member Scholarship through April 30. 2019. 

Complete the application here

The National Demolition Association Scholarship - $7,500
The Bill and Wanda Baker Scholarship - $7,500
The Mike and Nancy Taylor Scholarship  - $7,500
The Patrick H. O’Rourke Scholarship - $7,500
The SA Recycling Scholarship - $5,000
The Southern California Chapter Scholarship - $7,500
The David P. Sinclair International Scholarship - $4,000
The John T. Adamo, Jr. Scholarship - $7,500
The William Geppert Scholarship  - $3,000
The American Wrecking Scholarship $3,000* - Applications Open until April 30, 2019
The Southern California Chapter Member Scholarship - $3,000* - Applications Open until April 30, 2019

*Recipients of these scholarships must be sponsored by a Southern California Chapter member company. Sponsoring companies can be a Regular or Associate member of NDA. Recipients will be announced in June 2019 at the annual Southern Califonia Chapter Golf Tournament.

Congratulations to the following 2019 scholarship recipients!


Kelsey Johnson, Bill and Wanda Baker Scholarship
Cameron Sizemore, Mike and Nancy Taylor Scholarship
Austin Reams, National Demolition Association Scholarship
Lydia Scheible, Patrick H. O'Rourke Scholarship
Sara Hladick, SA Recycling Scholarship
Zachary Krueger, Southern California Chapter Scholarship
Ashley Johnson, David P. Sinclair International Scholarship
Alexis Mathis, William Geppert Scholarship
Ashley Mumme, John T. Adamo, Jr. Scholarship