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Disaster Response

We are Saving Lives and Cities

Demolition contractors play a key role in the hours, days and months after a disaster. 

When unstable structures hamper rescue efforts, demolition contractors have the equipment and skill necessary to clear the structures quickly and safely, making way for search and rescue.  

When streets are filled with debris, overturned trees, rubble and sediment deposits, demolition experts know how to safely remove the roadblocks and clear streets of hazardous materials, making way for emergency services and public access.

When entire structures are irreparably damaged, demolition experts safely dismantle them, recycling valuable building materials, making way for reconstruction

The National Demolition Association helps in these efforst by connecting local governments to qualified demolition professionals who can support first responders, and providing resources to help prepare for the next disaster.

Real Life Stories

Cleanup of the Christchurch Earthquake

The devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand was one of the largest disasters to ever hit a major urban center. The infrastructure of New Zealand’s second largest city was severely affected; restoring the area could take years. The U.S. Geologic Survey predicts a similar event on America’s West Coast in the next 30 years. See what really happened in Christchurch and how the demolition industry is helping the city to rebuild.


Demolition Safety Training to Help Haiti Rebuild

The National Demolition Association assisted Haiti after the devastating earthquake that hit the island nation in 2010, providing demolition safety training to the Haitian Government. The UN sponsored program trained(s) Haitian workers in the basic elements of the demolition process and safe work practices to begin the massive undertaking to rebuild the country. ¨The NDA provided its comprehensive demolition safety training program in both English and Spanish and worked with the European Demolition Association to secure safety-training material in French, one of Haiti’s main languages. 

A Hurricane Affected High Rise Is Demolished

Precious land is recycled with the demolition of a 30-story high rise in West Palm Beach, FL, that had been hit by two consecutive hurricanes. Two little girls jointly “pushed the button” to the cheers of the local community, bringing the building down into one pile of debris ready to process for recycling. The neighborhood was thrilled for the removal of this damaged building that had remained vacant for five years, driving down property prices and presenting a constant view of disrepair.