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Board Recruitment


NDA Director-at-Large Nomination Process Now Open - Deadline to submit is October 10, 2019

NDA is now accepting applications from regular members who wish to serve the association and industry as members
of the Board of Directors. As a Board member, you will have an opportunity to participate and make decisions on projects
and initiatives that will take our association to the next level. NDA is looking for interested members who are willing to work
with their colleagues to ensure that our association delivers quality services and programs that advance our industry. A
Board term is three years and you will be required to attend four Board meetings each year.  The NDA Leadership
Recruitment Committee is now accepting letters of interest for several Board seats whose term will start at the conclusion
of Demolition 2019.  

If you have an interest in serving your association as a Board member, please click here to complete your application.
The deadline to submit is October 10, 2019. 

For questions, please contact Vice President and Leadership Recruitment Chair Scott Homrich via

* It is required that all non-owners submit a letter of support from a principle of their organization.