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Lifetime Achievement

The NDA Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a member selected for their exceptional service to NDA and to the Industry. This award honors members for their leadership and commitment to NDA's organizational vision and mission, and pays tribute to the individual's commitment to the betterment of their community, the company they work for, and to the demolition industry as a whole. 

Any NDA member can be nominated for this award. The 2019 Call for Entries is now closed. Join us at Demolition Rockies to celebrate the 2019 winner. 

Congratulations to our 2018 Lifetime Achievement Winner, Donald Orr from Mayer Pollock Steel Corporation! 

NDA past lifetime achievement winners

1995: Marvin Rose**
1996: Ron Dokell**
1997: Harold Hudgins**
1998: Ed Trudeau
1999: Jay Schwall, Sr. 
2000: John Loizeaux**
2001: Tom Little
2002: Vern Sessler**
2003: Bill Geppert**
2004: Jack McFarland, Sr.**
2005: Mike Tredick
2006: Charlie L. (Chuck) Clark
2007: John E. Weber
2009: Sheldon (Red) Mandell
2013: Bill Moore
2014: Thomas Robinette
2015: Berger Jostad
2016: Roger I. Homrich
2017: Jim Redyke
2018: Donald Orr