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How Committees Work


NDA's committees are the primary means by which all members work to meet the needs of the industry, and the needs of the membership as a whole. The committees provide grassroots contact with emerging issues, and a forum for discussion of key demolition industry concerns. It is through these discussions that NDA members exchange information and ideas, and provide the basis for projects within the organization. Committee members are also provided with a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics which they utilize in their businesses and realize value–added return on their investment in NDA.

Participation in NDA's committees is not only encouraged, it is vital to the growth and success of our Association.

Committee Structure

The NDA is currently served by eight committees. Over 75 member volunteers serve on committees.

Membership on most General Committees is open to all NDA Contractor Members, Associate Members and International Members. Membership on the Executive Committee prescribed by the Bylaws is, however, limited to NDA Contractor Members .

Each committee is served by a Chair and a Staff Associate who is a member of the National Staff. The Staff Associate assists the committee in any manner deemed necessary to fulfill its function and mission. Staff Associates are encouraged to participate fully in committee deliberations and activities. The Chair is a member in good standing who is appointed by the President annually. Committee Chairs serve at the discretion of the President, and may be reappointed for terms of up to three years.

Committees report on policy or procedural matters within the scope of their responsibility to the Board of Directors.

How Do I Join a NDA Committee?

Following the annual nomination period, January to March, members of all committees are appointed by the President.

Committee Appointment information is supplied to the President in March of each year. Nominations for committee apointments open the second week of January and end the first week for March each year.

Committee attendance is one of several factors reviewed to determine eligibility for reappointment to a committee. Committee service traditionally begins and ends at the National Convention which is usually held in March of each year; however, the President will  entertain interim committee appointments on a case by case basis.

Committee Work Procedures

Meeting Frequency

NDA's national committees meet in-person four times a year and by phone at the call of the Chair. Committee meetings are held in conjunction with the four yearly board meetings. Attendance at committee meetings is recorded for reappointment purposes.


Committee goals and ojbjectives are informed by the association strategic plan. Based on the goals of the stratgic plan, a report of the activities of each meeting is drafted by either the Staff Associate or the Committee Chair and is reviewed and approved by the Chair. Reports address the goals and objectives of the strategic plan and any recommendations for NDA policy change, actions recommended, requests for expenditure of funds, and other items of discussion and information. If the recommendations and actions affect other NDA committees, the report will indicate referrals to those committees. Reports are addressed to the Executive Committee.

Committee Evaluations

Each Chair is requested to perform a self–evaluation of the committee's functions, and its effectiveness at implementing actions that meet the objectives of the stratgic plan and provide value–added service to our members. Further evaluations are conducted by the Excecutive Committee and NDA Officers to ensure the committees are providing effective service to the Association's membership.

Creation/Sunset of Committees

Creation/sunset of a NDA committee may only be accomplished with the recommendation of the President and approval of the Executive Board and is based on the organizations strategic plan.

The decision to sunset a committee will normally follow adoption of a new strategic plan. The Chair and members of the affected committee will be consulted, and their input sought. Following consensus that the committee's function can be eliminated or combined with another committee, the President will act to terminate it.


The work product of each NDA committee varies with its stated function and mission. Services provided range from providing a discussion forum for members to network with each other, to the development of product–line items designed to meet specific needs of the membership. In every case, NDA's committees consistently deliver value and quality to our members, and to the industry.