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Excellence in Demolition


NDA’s Excellence in Demolition Awards are the industry’s prestigious recognition program which honors NDA members who have demonstrated significant achievement in the completion of a unique demolition project in the 2017/2018 year. All projects should address at least one (1) of the following areas: Sustainability, Community Enhancement, Environmental Enterprise, Education, Pollution Prevention and Resource Conservation, Special Project Consideration. Click here for more details on these areas. 
There are three categories for submitting your project and three finalists are selected from each category. The categories are:  - 1)  $0-$500,000 2) $500,001 - $2 Million 3) Category 3: Over $2 Million.
All applicants will have their poster displayed at the Awards and Networking Lounge at NDA’s Annual

Convention this March 22-25, 2019. The 9 finalists selected will also receive published recognition in industry publications prior to the convention, a featured video that will be shown during the NDA Awards Banquet and hosted on NDA’s website for the following year after winning. Winners of the Excellence in Demolition Award will have their projects featured in an article in Demolition magazine will get to go home with the coveted trophy, and of course associated bragging rights. 


1) Dowload the poster template.

2) Make your poster to be displayed at NDA's Annual Convention

3) Complete the application form

For questions about the Excellence in Demolition awards, please contact Eric DeVos at 202-467-1152 or 

 2019 Finalists and Winners

Category 1: $0 - $500,000 

  • Winner: Priestly Demolition, Inc. - CN Tower - 3rd Floor Observation Deck Demolition
  • Thornton Tomasetti - Georgia Dome Stadium Demolition Analysis
  • North American Dismantling Corp - Lenawee County Sheriff Office Rennovation


Category 2: $500,001 - $2 Million

  • Environmental Holdings Group LLC - The Dillon Supply Warehouse Project
  • Priestly Demolition Inc. - Hope Island Lighthouse Demolition Project
  • Winner: Stryker Demolition & Environmental Services, LLC - Decommissioning, Decontamination, and Dismantlement of a Resource Recovery Facility


Category 3: Over $2 Million

  • Winner: Ferma Corporation - Oroville Dam Spillway RCC Removal
  • Adamo Demolition Co. - Turnkey Demolition of the Georgia Dome for the Mercedes Benz Stadium
  • S.B. Cox, Inc. - VA General Assembly Building


How to Apply:

1) Dowload the poster template.

2) Make your poster to be displayed at NDA's Annual Convention

3) Complete the application form