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Disaster Response

The National Demolition Association provides tools to local communities to prepare for a natural or man-made disaster and provides member companies resources to improve their availability to provide support during a disaster.

Demolition contractors were involved with the disaster response teams of 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1994 California earthquakes and many demolition contractors' staffs include HAZWOPER trained labor forces who are experienced working with unstable structures and disposing of hazardous materials.  Qualified demolition contractors with experience moving large amounts of debris and removing structures of all types provide invaluable support during a disaster response.

Disaster Response Resources

The NDA has developed several resources to help local and state firefighters, police and disaster response teams partner with demolition contractors to improve their response capabilities. The NDA provides resources to the first responder community to help them recognize the characteristics and capabilities of a qualified demolition contractor and connects them with trained and experienced contractors before a disaster strikes.

The NDA White Paper - "How Demolition Contractors Can Strengthen First Response Team Efforts" describes the invaluable skillset that a demolition contractor brings to the disaster response team.

The "Demolition Contractor Skilled Support Personnel Pre-Qualification Checklist" can be utilized to pre-qualify contractors as a skilled support provider prior to a disaster, large or small.

To receive a hardcopy of these materials or to schedule a speaker for your Disaster Response Team, contact the National Demolition Association at or 202-367-1152.

In The News

NCDOT Seeks Vendors for Disaster Recovery Operations - October 15, 2018
Work opportunities include hauling, clearing & grubbing, removal & demolition, pipe installation, traffic control, tree removal & landscaping, debris removal, cut & shove and more. Wisit the NC Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) website at to register and have free access to projects in the various affected areas.

Flooding Committee receives RISE update - September 18, 2018
Reporting on progress made by the West Virginia National Guard in righting the RISE disaster relief program, Maj. Gen. James Hoyer said he believes those affected by the 2016 flooding in the state now “have confidence” in RISE. But he acknowledged that the continuing slow pace of rebuilding communities — primarily dictated by state and federal regulations — is frustrating for both the flood victims and the Guard.

IN Demolition Contractor Helps with Disaster Response Training - July 25, 2017
For over 40 hours in May 2017, a collection of national and international agencies – including NDA member Brandenburg – gathered to pull off a large-scale training exercise at a partially demolished Radisson Hotel in Indiana.