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NDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award 
The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a member selected for their exceptional service to NDA and the industry. The award honors members for their leadership and commitment to NDA’s organizational vision and mission, and pays tribute to the individual’s commitment to the betterment of their community, the company they worked for and the Demolition industry as a whole.

Call for Entries for the 2018-2019 membership year is now closed, click here to learn more about the Lifetime Achievement Award. Winners will be announced during NDA's 2019 Convention, Demolition Rockies. 

New! NDA's Hall of Fame Awards
The National Demolition Association established the National Demolition Association Hall of Fame Program to recognize and honor elite industry leaders whose commitment, ingenuity, and devotion have significantly impacted the demolition industry and our member companies. While the Lifetime Achivement Award focuses on the body of work of a member in the industry over the course of a lifetime, the Hall of Fame award is designed to honor professionals who have contributed significantly to the profession, but are not necessarily eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Inductees will be celebrated during the Annual Convention and Expo as well as in NDA membership and news communications.Eligible nominators include NDA member companies in good standing, the NDA Awards Committee, or the NDA Board of Directors. Nominee must be a current or past employee of an NDA member company. Candidates may be nominated posthumously. 

Call for Entries for the 2018-2019 membership year is now closed. The winner will be announced at NDA's 2019 Convention, Demolition Rockies.

NDA's Excellence in Demolition Awards 
Excellence in Demolition Awards are the industry’s prestigious recognition program which honors NDA members who have demonstrated significant environmental conservation and community involvement in 2017/2018. The Awards are presented annually to companies that have made a significant "quality of life" impact on their community.  NDA members are recognized for their leadership and innovation in “green” development and for efforts to better their local and regional environment.

Any public or private project is eligible to qualify. Projects are eligible even if environmental work is not their central mission. Applicants are encouraged to submit more than one project for consideration - they are eligible to submit one per category. 

Call for Entries for the 2018-2019 membership year is now closed. Winners will be announced at NDA's 2019 Convention, Demolition Rockies. Click here to learn more about the Excellence in Demolition Awards. 

NDA's Scholarship Awards 
NDA is proud to present eleven scholarships to up-and-coming demolition professionals. These scholarship opportunities are awarded to an immediate family member of an owner or employee of a Regular Member company of NDA and provide support in the advancement of their career through continuing education opportunities. 

Call for Entries for the 2018-2019 membership year are still open for the American Wrecking and Southern California Chapter Member Scholarships. Please complete the application here. The rest of the scholarship winners will be announced at NDA's 2019 Convention, Demolition Rockies   
Click Here to learn more about NDA Scholarships.