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Advocacy: More News

NDA is the leading voice of the demolition industry and works to educate and advocate to elected officials on the legislative issues that could impact our industry practices and standards. 


 Latest News
 Labor Board Proposes Change to Joint-Employer Standard 
 OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction - Frequently Asked   Questions*
 Department of Labor Officially Rescinds "Persuader Rule"
 Department of Labor Amends Implementation of "Improve Tracking of Workplace   Injuries and Illnesses" Regulation
 NDA Applauds Agreement to Expedite Environmental Permitting
 Congress Releases Final Tax Bill *
 NDA Applauds the House for Passing Brownfields Regulation
 OSHA Announces New Deadlines for Recordkeeping and Crane and   Derricks Certification
 House Passes Bill Fixing Joint Employer Rule
 OSHA Issues Interim Guidance on Silica Rule Enforcement
 OSHA Announces 30-Day "Good Faith" Enforcement Policy for Silica Rule
 OSHA Proposes Extension for Crane Operator Certification Deadline*
 OSHA to Begin Silica Rule Enforcement on September 23*
 OSHA Proposes Extension of Recordkeeping Requirements*
 OSHA Proposes to Amend Beryllium Rule*
 OSHA Rescinds Union Walkthrough Memorandum*
 OSHA Proposes to Extend Deadline for 2016 Records*
 OSHA Guidance Letter on Stop-Log for Skid Steer Restraint*
 OSHA Issues Compliance Guidance on Use of Stop-Logs*
 Congress Moves to Overturn OSHA Records Rule
 NDA Election Recap
 Respirable Crystalline Silica Impact Analysis *

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For additional information about advocacy and government affairs, please contact: 

Kevin McKenney
Director of Government Affairs
National Demolition Association